Welcome to Leber Trees!

Leber Trees of Allegan, Michigan is a family owned farm producing quality Christmas trees to grace your home during the holidays.  With multiple fields to choose from, you are sure to find a tree that is perfect for you.  Since our trees are alive and growing until the moment they are cut, you are assured of a fresh, fragrant tree that lasts all through the holiday season.  Bring the whole family out for a true Christmas adventure!

For this year’s schedule, hours of operation, current activities, and tree availability, please visit our Facebook page.

Leber Trees Facebook

About Our Farm

Leber Trees has been owned and operated by the Leber family since 1903 and is a registered Michigan Centennial Farm. It evolved from a typical small family farm to a dairy and hog farm, and now grows Christmas memories! The first Christmas trees were planted in 1977, and first harvested in 1988. The farm also has a gift shop, wagon rides, and hand made wreaths.

Visits to Leber Trees have become a family tradition; continue or begin yours with us this year!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not accept credit cards. Cash, or checks with a form of identification are accepted.

Please visit our Facebook page for up to date information on tree availability.

Leber Trees Facebook

Yes, we have freshly cut trees up by the barn for you to purchase if you choose to not cut a tree in the field.

Yes, we have a small gift shop with a great selection of freshly made wreaths and ornaments available for purchase.

No, saws are provided for your use at the farm.

No, customer chain saws are not allowed for liability reasons.

Yes, your leashed dogs are welcome to visit the farm with you. Dog owners are responsible for any damage or injury your pet inflicts or receives while on Leber property.

Yes, all of those services are available when you purchase a tree from our farm.

Our workers can assist in lifting your tree on top of your car but are not able to tie knots due to liability reasons. If you are not prepared with ropes or bungee cords, we have twine available for your use as well as some fastening materials for sale in the gift shop.