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Leber Christmas Trees Being planted by Dick and Rick

Fraser Fir

Fraser Fir will be available as pre-cuts only.

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The Fraser Fir over the past years has quickly become an industry favorite for Christmas trees. The tree is known for it's pungent smell, and it's soft needles which are green on top and silver on the bottom. Their branches are turned slightly upward which gives the tree a compact appearance.

The Fraser Fir is the cadillac of the Christmas trees because it holds its needles extremely well.

If you have large, heavy ornaments, the Fraser Fir may not be your best choice. Because of the soft wood that it's composed of, it's branches tend to bend easier than those of a tree such as the Blue Spruce.

Who is this tree good for?

This tree is excellent for someone who:

  • Wants a tree that won't poke you when you put your ornaments up.
  • Likes a compact, dense look for their tree
  • Enjoys a very rich, fragrant Christmas tree smell in their home during the holidays.

Fraser fir in the field
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