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Leber Christmas Trees Being planted by Dick and Rick

Concolor Fir

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The Concolor fir is known primarily for it's strong citrus fragrance. The tree has soft, blue-ish grey foliage, and grows in a pyramidal form. Generally, the tree has more space between the branches, which allows for larger ornaments to be easily hung within the tree.

Concolor needles are long and soft. The branches are hearty, but may have some difficulty holding heavy ornaments if the ornaments are hung towards the ends of the branches.

The tree retains its needles very well, meaning you will have less to clean up.

Who is this tree good for?

This tree is excellent for someone who:

  • Wants a tree that wont poke you when you put your ornaments up.
  • Likes a tree with more open spaces to be able to hang ornaments.
  • Likes the smell of fresh citrus fruit.

Concolor fir in the field
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