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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my dog?

    Yes! We ask only that you keep your dog on the leash the whole time that you are at the farm, even while out in the field.

Do I need to bring my own saw?

    We provide saws for your use, so you do not need to bring your own saw.

Can I bring my chain saw?

    No. If you are planning on cutting down a tree that is large enough to need a chain saw, Rick will go with you into the field and help you with his own chain saw. Most of our trees are very easily managed with the saws provided at the farm.

How often do the wagons go to the field?

    We have two wagons running at a time. The waiting time is usually 5-10 minutes, depending on how busy we are. While you're waiting to go to the field, you are welcome to wait in our heated gift shop.

Do you offer pre-cut trees?

    We offer a limited amount of pre-cut trees.

Can you help me load my tree onto my vehicle?

    We are happy to assist you in getting your tree to your vehicle, however for liability reasons, our workers are not able to tie the trees onto your vehicle.

What does it mean to "tag" a tree?

    If you're worried that someone may come out and "snag" that perfect tree from you before you are able to come, you are welcome to come out to reserve a tree. You must call Rick to set up a time. Anyone venturing into the fields without permission is trespassing, and will be treated as such if found doing so. Any tree tagged with anything but the official tree tags provided by Rick will have the tag removed.

What does shaking my tree do?

    Shaking the tree frees any loose or dead needles from the tree. This helps to significantly cut down on the amount of needles that you will have to clean during the initial set up of your Christmas tree.

Does it cost anything to have my tree shaken and drilled?

    Drilling and shaking the trees is FREE with every tree purchase. But don't feel that you can't tip our workers for the excellent job they do!

Why would I need to have my tree drilled?

    You only need to have your tree drilled if you have a stand with a single spike in the center, as sold in our gift shop. Many people think that by drilling your tree, you help the tree to absorb more water. This isn't true.

Can I drive my vehicle back into the field to load my tree?

    No. Only farm vehicles are allowed in the field. Our wagons are able to transport your trees as needed to the front.

Do you accept debit or credit card?

    We only accept cash or check for all purchases made. We appologize for the inconvenience.
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